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Baltic Open 2012 Overview

The 9th annual Baltic Open took place in Darmstadt Germany. Although the location for the event this year was not as close to the Baltic Sea as normal, the event itself was organized in the usual fashion.

The Dart Racing team members took care of the event organization, pits, food and accommodation. Everything from the event perspective went smoothly even though some team’s tried to sabotage the time keeping by accidentally running over the timing sensors.

At the end, each event was completed in a good and professional manner and everyone got a chance to prove their performance on the track.

Metropolia Motorsport was placed 16th in Acceleration, 9th in Skid Pad, 4th in Sprint and 21st in Endurance after some quick suspension repairs on the last lap in the Baltic Open spirit. The quick repair during the Endurance event impressed the organizing team so much that it was awarded a “Winner Endurance” prize. Additionally the audience voted HPF011 / 20 as the best looking car in the competition.

The next Baltic Open will be the 10th annual event and will therefore be celebrated in the origin country of Finland. This means that Metropolia Motorsport will be responsible for organizing the Baltic Open 2013.

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