Mobil 1


Glimpse into the future

As the successful year for HPF011 / 20 comes to an end, something very different is already being designed. The successor of HPF011 named HPF013E will be entering the new and intriguing electric series.

The engineering challenge of designing and building an electric formula is the next step for Metropolia Motorsport. The team is viewing the task as a development challenge instead of trying to make any statements on which energy source should be used and where.

The new formula concept is designed with two main goals. First and foremost is getting the correct weight. Last season the team’s vehicle weighed around 193kg and the max target weight for the electric vehicle is 200kg. Secondly, the design is also important and the small electric engines with integrated gear housings are all designed and manufactured in-house.

Everything else around the electrical system will be kept as simple, light and reliable as possible to give a solid testing ground for the system.
The concept is now under construction and the finished product will be revealed on 29.3.2013 in a Finnish automotive exhibition called the ‘American Car Show’.

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